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With fresh seasonal flavors and an inventive menu, we can help you pull off any event you have in mind. 

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Chef Station

The chef attends the station of choice for discerning guests because it offers the freshest possible preparation and presentation.

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There is no doubt that a stationary dinner buffet is the most popular buffet format for casual affairs, but it is also the most labor intensive.

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Tasty Food

Wedding Creativators Catering in Lucknow make Tasty food with our chefes.

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We use Fully Customized Catering Services in Lucknow according to Client’s Needs

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We have expert chefs to prepare delicious food for weddings and other functions.

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During your childhood, how many yummy wedding foods did you eat? Wedding food is a big deal at weddings. It’s something most people will remember for a long time. As a result, you can’t mess up on your wedding food. Although Lucknow is a city with many wedding caterers, you will have to choose based on the budget and taste of your guests. Catering services in Lucknow are generally well known for their nawabi food dishes in gourmet style. Still, you can also choose from Italian, Indian, or continental cuisines.

In Lucknow, what are the newest trends in wedding food?

It’s pretty easy to find some good catering services in Lucknow. You’ll find some of the best ones there. Among the food trends you may like to mention these:

The regional food trend is a big hit – There is no doubt that most wedding food is based on cultural heritage. Lucknow is well known for its delicious food, so I am confident this will be very successful. It sounds like kebabs, nihari, and naans will be very popular!

The customized beverage stand – In recent years, many families have begun wearing it as a fashion statement. There are plenty of mocktails and cocktails to choose from, including Pina-Coladas and whiskey on rocks. Satellite bars and concept bars are popular at weddings as well. Before you finalize your Lucknow wedding caterer, you should ensure they are licensed.

Live cooking – Have you ever heard of a wedding catering service in Lucknow that offers live cuisine? And let them know what you’d like to see. It’s such an excellent concept to prepare the kakori kebabs right before your eyes.

Experiential catering – In last year’s food industry, one of the biggest things that emerged was that people wanted to know where their food was grown. Transparency is key to your food service as consumers become more informed, aware, and conscious about their food.

This is why this year will be the year of experiential catering, where clients can interact with a catering station interactively. Imagine a pasta station, where guests can watch chefs take raw pasta, extrude it into a pasta machine, cook the pasta, and then place it in a cheese bowl.

There is also a pizza station where guests can pick their toppings before watching them cook in a woodfire oven. You can further engage your clients by giving them the option of creating their sliders with pulled beef, lamb, chicken, mushroom or vegetable curry sliders and a choice of toppings and sauces. Essentially, you want to immerse your clients in the cooking process.

Grazing tables: Grazing tables where guests can leisurely intermingle while enjoying rustic bread, local cheeses, and a variety of meats and dips will prove to be popular—the more colourful and diverse your grazing table, the more impact it will have.

A good grazing table involves providing good quality food. Dragon fruit looks excellent, but we guarantee your clients will be clinging to the good cheese and prosciutto. You can also incorporate texture into your grazing plates by combining soft and hard cheeses, smooth and coarse crackers, crunchy snacks, and melt-in-your-mouth magic. Add passionfruit, figs, and edible flowers to make your plate stand out.

The following mistakes should be avoided when hiring a wedding caterer in Lucknow.

While catering in Lucknow can be easily found, it is precisely for this reason that you will need to search harder.

Verifying the wedding caterer – You must confirm the license and background check of wedding caterers in Lucknow before hiring them. After all, it is your wedding food, and you cannot take any chances.

Food Testing – Food is an essential aspect of wedding catering in Lucknow. Many families book early in the planning process without tasting the food. Most wedding caterers in Lucknow provide a variety of delicious Indian and Continental meals. However, eating them before making a final decision is still recommended.

Excessive experimentation and long menus – Some caterers in Lucknow may offer you their names of extravagant dishes. Still, since this is your wedding food, you should decide, rather than be influenced by the caterer’s suggestions. Keep an eye out for what tastes good.

Can I hire a vegan caterer?

There are some caterers in Lucknow providing vegetarian food as well. You’ll have to look a bit harder. Most of the caterers in Lucknow specialize in non-vegetarian food.

In Lucknow, there are a lot of catering services, so you’d better start looking early.

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